PC Problem Answered – Why Does My Computer Freeze?

Sometimes, one of the reasons why our day gets ruined is when our computer stops running. And to increase the aggravation your machine hangs during those periods you badly need it to be the most stable, such as when you were just about to save and email your work (or when you were just about to complete a download).

Since your computer stops responding, all you can do is to turn the computer off by pressing on your computer’s power button for a while. All the data you were not able to save before your PC hanging will be erased.

Do these things happen to you more frequently than it is possible to just ignore? You must be asking yourself and your computer proficient pals, “why does computer freeze up so much?” The good thing is you do not have to be inconvenienced by this problem any longer, because there are simple solutions to your problem, “Why does my computer freeze?”

A few obvious solutions to your current computer issue are not opening too many programs concurrently that makes considerable demands on your PC’s resources; or purchasing additional RAM (or memory) in your CPU. These two are usually the reasons why most PCs freeze but there are other reasons that we will further explore.

High Computer Temperature

One of the other reasons why your computer may stop running is because of a defective computer fan. Thus, overheating results in your computer being frozen or unable to keep on operating. You will often find your computer vents and fan are covered with so much dust that air cannot properly circulate inside your machine, so you need to clean them. You should also think about adding a new fan for your PC.

But if you do not know how to install the fan by yourself, you should find a skilled computer professional or technician to do it for you. Also, have the wires or cables inside your computer taped together by a computer professional so that air can circulate better.

Taping is an affordable and easy remedy for overheating but doing it requires some hardware repair expertise. It is critical not to generate even the smallest quantity of electrostatic charge while working around the components of your computer because it will ruin your machine. We do not want you to make your computer worse from unknowingly generating electric static discharge, so if you must do it yourself, get an anti electrostatic wrist strap.

Not Enough RAM

One of the hardware components answerable to your question, “why computer freeze?” can be your RAM or computer’s random access memory. Inadequate RAM will lead to slow computer performance and to your machine freezing whenever you open an application (or combination of applications simultaneously) that require a higher amount of RAM than you presently have. The clear and easy remedy is to get more RAM. You will find that your computer system will be more stable when you do this.

Putting in new RAM in your desktop or laptop is not complicated but if you are unsure about the process, you can simply have this work done by a computer technician.

‘Insufficient system resources’ or not having enough memory for your operating system is another PC issue that can lead to your PC crashing. You will find your PC hanging when you open large applications or play games with intense graphics which uses up a lot of memory.

So in response to your query, “Why does my computer freeze?”; the answer is you are using way too many software programs than your PCs system resources can handle. Or in short, you went over the limit of your PC’s capacity.

Here are a some remedies you can do to stop your computer from freezing due to deficient RAM and insufficient system’s resources problem. First step is to adjust your start-up settings to only run necessary programs to free up your comp’s system resources.

Also make sure to close other apps before opening ‘resource heavy’ programs like games or graphic software applications. If you are attempting to download files while playing a game then this could also be the explanation to why does my computer freeze up so much?

Another way to have this problem resolved is to get a Windows registry cleaning application. The registry cleaner will guide you on how to prevent unnecessary programs from running automatically in the background when you switch on your computer; and by deleting unwanted entries that are causing errors.

All of these functions will free up computer’s resources to allow your system to operate more smoothly. Using highly-rated registry cleaners also makes the work of freeing up your systems resources easier and safer because they have automated backup capabilities which enables you to go back to your old settings in case unwanted changes were made.

Lastly if you’re worried that you don’t have an expert knowledge about computers and you don’t want have time to send it to a shop to get fixed, then obtaining a registry cleaner is your answer. Just use the registry application’s automatic scan and clean program and let it do the hard work for you. Afterwards you can enjoy the advantages of a more efficient and healthy personal computer.

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